В соответствии с Договором о сотрудничестве ежегодно в нашей школе работают члены международной студенческой организации AISEC.


В 2015 у нас гостили и преподавали двое ребят из Бразилии - Эвандро и Эдгард.

В 2014 – это Ребекка, студентка из Бразилии, и Инес, будущий переводчик из Австрии.

В 2013 мы принимали у себя Акшая из Индии, Сару из Китая, Элину и Бруно из Бразилии.

Наши иностранные гости проводили уроки английского в рамках школьной программы, а так же дискуссионные клубы на английском языке для ребят 2-11 классов и студентов языкового центра.

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Отзыв о работе в нашей школе от Элины

"My name is Helena Cristina Zuehl Dal Toe, I’m Brazilian and was part of the exchange program which aims develop student’s english communication skills. During 6 weeks I could notice everyone in the school were really receptive, the English teachers gave me a good support making my experience as a teacher adorable. The students surprised me with a great English level, making always a good discussion, some ones that find more difficult talking always tried hard to communicate with me, event at break time. Also I could see the school look for a really complete education, not only focus at regular disciplines but want to help the children to develop many skills that are important for live in general . Another point that has highlighted was how polite and kind all the students were with me, as well as, with my Indian college, they were curious but they had showed maturity about the questions and a open mind. All the conversations were always lovely. The experience was a great pleasure and a hope I can come back."